How the EFF do I get into the ONTD Community?!

All I wanna do is post sassy gifs in the comment section. IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK?!

Okay, I try this every couple of months, usually after a particularly fun poast reading ( THIS ONE) when I feel so left out of the fun.

So here I go again....**clicks "Join this Community"**

I wonder how I can make a difference this time around. I always get denied for "not enough activity", but that's kinda bs. If livejournal tracked how much time I spent on OhNoTheyDidn't (every single day) this wouldn't even be an issue...

Because stan wars are my fave, here's who I stan for currently:

1) Mariah Carey (THE #1 selling pop star and the best mothaeffin singah on da planeT)

2) Ariana VENTI

3) "BadGal" RiRI

But seriously, I hope this helps. :/

My Kiwi Princess: Kimbra - 90's Music (Official Video)

When I first heard Kimbra's new single "90's Music", I can't lie, I was a bit disappointed. It was quirky (per usual from the Kiwi princess) but a little too weird for me. I NEEDED MORE MELODY!

But man, has this thing grown on me!

First, with an awesome remix by M-Phazes that really brought out that 90's vibe-groove and now this bright, bubbly video that hearkens back to some real classics ("Barbie Girl" vs. pretty much anything Hype Williams directed in the 90s).

Basically, I'll never question the princess again because I'm a full out stan of this song now. Somebody get some gifs created, stat! I'm feeling a new profile pic....